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My first program with Qraft Mind-Kinoni Girls Mbarara== By Carol

Its a normal Friday with hype feelings of welcome aboard dear weekend; Shuffling through my office work assignments and getting each done by 4pm as I plan for the long journey ahead of me in the next 2hours

By 5:00pm I am at the Global Bus station-kampala(Bakuli-old kampala) waiting for the team to gather for the 6pm Bus set off.. The team started to gather, some faces I had not seen in a while and some were completely new.

My phone was very busy with the same incoming statements “i'm about to reach in 15 min please do not leave me” the 15mins became 30mins, 30 to 50min but we were still patient. Rachel’s (Team leader and organiser) phone was like a phone booth for this operation and wherever she got those new faces God knows.

Everyone on board the team of 8 fully present! not only didn't we know each other but also to some members it was their first time to travel to Mbarara. Mbarara is located in the western Region of the country about 5hour drive from the city considering traffic . We packed our bags and the gifts (Success Cakes🎂) for the students and teachers since it was one week to UNEB examination. The night was very long there was no much jazz as we were scattered in different seats since it was a public transport, as we dozed off and woke up again the drinks were passed on to a company on our journey. Raymond carrying his Electric Guitar sat next to Humpery (photographer)with his bags full of camera equipment fun as it should be, none of them knew they were heading to the same destination nor that they belonged to the same team. As drinks were passed to both they realised they were on the same team they couldn't hold the loud laughter knowing all along they were on the same team. 😂

We arrived in Mbarara at 1am to the reserved hotel for the night, as we sat on the table having dinner we had introductions amongst ourselves; Carol, Recheal, Marcela, Sahil, Raymond, Humprey, Allan and Andrew,we laughed over our journey moments, i couldn't believe how quickly and easily we caught up as we discussed our weekend schedule. We extended the dinner to extra 2hours as we laughed, shared, and prayed together as we set off to finally rest by 4:30am.

The early birds slept for only an hour and others woke up at 7am, put on the branded T-shirts and headed downstairs for breakfast joined by the Mbarara Qraft Mind team(Napoleon and Susan). Humphery behind the camera lens started our morning with warming shots 🤗.

As we enjoyed breakfast the tension came in as the special car hire we had reserved, the driver’s phone numbers couldnt be reached. It was time to go but the Car was nowhere to be seen, we then hired a taxi and packed our bags and enjoyed the ride from Mbarara town to our final destination Kinoni Girls School with funny jokes, and doing car karaoke. This was like a 20 minute drive. We arrived at the school and we were warmly welcomed as the students waited eagerly while enjoying music with our band team that had gone ahead of us. We headed to the school main Hall and the training session began with dance and prayers. Recheal shared a sermon.

Before we broke off for the class workshop session we gave them the cake gifts we had carried with us, one for the candidates and the other for the Teachers.

After the all the session we moved to one-on-one discussions/counselling as we enjoyed lunch along with the girls, but our team was so focused and ready to give these students counsel during interactions that a few touched their meal.

When all sessions were done we drove headed to one of our team members’ home, meanwhile the students gave us a piece of cake to take a bite but because we didn't have time to eat but to accomplish our mission at that school we kept the cake in the car to eat it on the road as we hit the road sahil & Allan made the cake disappear, the cake lovers told the driver to pull over to make a thorough check (and behold the cake appeared). We arrived at a beautiful hill with a green landscape as we entered the house. We were welcomed with flasks of tea, yellow bananas and her mum showered us with warm pleasantries, viewed family album photos, told us stories, as I enjoyed striking a conversation with her dad . Later in the compound we were striked by fresh oranges which our team's mum let us pick them up..literally a break from the long day we had.

By 6pm we said our goodbyes to our team member's family and headed to the bus park to start