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My pushy — pully way to the Jongs!== by uliyana woldeab

I started my journey to Karamoja after months of planning. It took me minutes to decide where our Africa Code Week destination will be but, deciding “I’m going to be there”… took me quite a while.

Because, I’ve heard scary stories. Stories of armed men, stories of dry land, stories of ruthless people who aren’t afraid of killing, stories of naked people walking around (that I was looking forward to😋)

I was scared, I was scared to the point I googled where to hit a man if he ever wants to hurt me. I Googled self protection skills & I carried “incase of” things I shouldn’t be carrying (like sharp blade which my colleague used to shave his beard later on) point is, I was scared.

I thought I was sacrificing myself to the Africa Code Week. Started to think how I shall be remembered (wanted to write my Biography, but I run out of time) I thought I will be the Shero every Ugandan kid will remember. Sorry I took it far😁 but to a reader who is confused, I was going to train kids Coding. However, When I returned home, I learnt a lot myself that I felt bad I took a lot more than I gave. I wanted to remain in Karamoja. I wanted to go back there as soon as possible. I fall in love with Karamoja and every good thing in there😮

Please, enjoy reading my Karamoja trip experience.

As we were setting off after a sleep over @Rachel’s where we were hosted to “herbal” drinks, snacks and infant meals (Andrew loved the baby meal🙄), all 5 of us put our hands together n wished for success. Starting the trip, of course we were excited. We bought Sodas, chocolates, yellow bananas even sun glass.

Bluetooth speaker on! @Amito played the unique South Africa musics to add to the trip vibe. Please don’t ask me how it feels to drive on a high way with a South African music playing on the speaker, on an African land, moreover on independence day !! It was just the way you’ve been watching in the movies. Quite👌!

During our journey, we had a very beautiful sight! The ever green blessed Uganda, the clouds, new constructions, different regions… Everything we see was leaving us in an awe! Selfies, naps, discussions, arguments all took place. It was quite a long journey!

By the time we reached at Soroti, my stomach was alredy done negotiating with the brain: to decide stopping the vehicle & get dinner. We did!

Our dear friend JJ, “a woman of God” as referred by many, directed us to the soroti’s Javas. A beautiful restaurant with variety of foods. We treated ourselves to Matoke, chicken, sausage, chapati, beef, sandwiches and many more… Oh wait! I almost forgot! I brusted in to laughter 🤣 when Amito changed someone who asked us for money in to a photograph model. That photo is still one of my favourite😂😂

Back to dinner, dinner was good, we filled our stomach. We got happy. Only thing we didn’t know was that we were preparing ourselves to a great challenge: pushing a 1.2 tone of vehicle for about 1 km. Wait, what??? 😳

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